Gabrielle Graessle was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1956. She attended Zurich University of the Arts

where she completed a degree in graphic design. For 15 years, she was represented by various galleries

in Switzerland. At the beginning of 2000, she and her partner emigrated to France and later to Spain,

where they built and redesigned old houses. In 2015, she settled down in Andalusia. She decided to

immerse herself completely in her imaginary world again and to express herself in large format, colored,

intuitive and figurative paintings. Her studio is located in an isolated group of old cottages - there are no

distractions, and she can fully concentrate on her work in a secluded setting in nature. She works on

several canvases simultaneously and in 2020, she resumed exhibiting her art at fairs and galleries in

Spain, Germany, France and now the United States.