DNA Artist Residency

Installation shot, Bel Fullana 2018.

Installation shot, Bel Fullana 2018.

The DNA Gallery, founded in 1994 by Nick Lawrence, has for the past 12 years been home to the DNA Artist Residency Program. Every year artists are invited to participate in a one or two-week residency in Provincetown, Massachusetts. While on the Cape, artists create new work inspired by their surroundings or continued from their existing studio practice. They can work both offsite and at DNA in a 2,000 square foot studio, and are also provided free housing. For its twelfth season, over twenty artists were invited for individual residencies.

The 2023 season inaugurates READYMADE Gallery as the new home of the DNA Residency.  READYMADE is dedicated to hosting an ambitious program of two week group exhibitions throughout the Summer featuring the work of the artists in residence.


The residency is by invitation only. For more information, please visit  http://www.readymadegallery.com.


2023 DNA Residency Schedule:

6/18 - 6/25: Sarah Dineen

6/25 - 7/2: Sarah Dineen, Lauren Luloff, Alex Nolan, Jared Deery, Diana Jensen

7/2 - 7/9: Brian Whiteley

7/9 -7/19: Katerina Lanfranco

7/16 - 7/23: Rose Briccetti, Benjamin King

7/23 - 7/30: Rose Briccetti, Benjamin King, Slink Moss, Ryan Kish

7/30 - 8/6: Amber Mustafic, Elizabeth Insogna, Dylan Hurwitz, Jean Paul Mallozi, Liz Collins 

8/6 - 8/13: Amber Mustafic, Elizabeth Insogna, Craig Drennen, Rob Nadeau, Liz Collins

8/13 - 8/20: Craig Drennen, Becky Brown, Kelly Worman, Polly Shindler, Liz Collins

8/20 - 8/27: Kelly Worman, Polly Shindler, Sarah Bird, Liz Collins

8/27 - 9/3: Suzanne Scott, Liz Collins, Dani Arnica

9/3 - 9/10: Sasha Parks, Melanie Kozol, Jackie Reeves, Dani Arnica, Jason Rohlf

9/10 - 9/17: Will Watson, Chamblis Giobbi, Melanie Kozol, Jackie Reeves, Anthony Haden Guest

9/17 - 9/24: Will Watson, Whiting Tennis, Madison Haymes

9/24 - 10/1: Whiting Tennis, Luke Alex Atkinson, Peter Schenck, Robert Scott Whipkey

10/1 - 10/8: Adam Brent, Joe Diggs, Luke Alex Atkinson, Nancy Elsamanoudi

10/8 - 10/15: Adam Brent and James Fils-Aime

10/15 - 10/22: Madeleine Matsson, Jim Peters, Kathline Carr, Brandon Elijah Johnson

10/22 - 10/29: Jim Peters, Kathline Carr, Brandon Elijah Johnson, James Horner, Kirstin Lamb

Current as of 10/25/23