DNA Artist Residency

DNA Artist Residency

Installation shot, Bel Fullana 2018.

The DNA Gallery, founded in 1994 by Nick Lawrence, has for the past 10 years been home to the DNA Artist Residency Program. Every year artists are invited to participate in a one or two-week residency in Provincetown, Massachusetts. While on the Cape, artists create new work inspired by their surroundings or continued from their existing studio practice. They can work both offsite and at DNA in a 2,000 square foot studio, and are also provided free housing. For its tenth season, over sixty artists were invited for individual residencies.


The residency is by invitation only. For more information, please visit www.dnagallery.com.


DNA Residency 2021 Schedule: 

Malado Baldwin, May 23rd - June 6th
Ilse Murdock, May 23rd - June 6th
Maureen Cavanaugh, June 6th - June 20th
Emily Noelle Lambert, June 6th - June 20th
Nicolas Papoin, June 6th - June 20th
Susan Jennings (Studio Only), June 6th - June 13th
Slink Moss (Studio Only), June 6th - June 13th
Jen Hitchings, June 20th - June 27th
Peter Schenck, June 20th - June 27th
Meredith Iszlai, June 20th - June 27th
Brian Whiteley, June 27th - July 4th
Anita Trombetta, July 4th - July 11th
Tony Bluestone, July 4th - July 11th
Lance Rautzhan, July 4th - July 11th
Sarah Bird (Studio Only), July 4th - July 18th
Trevor Amery, July 11th - July 18th
Suzanne Scott, July 11th - July 18th
Dave Choi (Studio Only), July 11th - July 18th
Rosalind Tallmadge, July 18th - July 25th
Edmond Caputo, July 18th - July 25th
Elise Thompson, July 18th - July 25th
Chambliss Giobbi (Studio Only), July 18th - 25th
Becky Yazdan, July 18th - July 23rd
Spencer Tunick (Studio Only), July 18th - July 23rd
Natalie White, July 25th - August 1st
Benjamin King, August 1st - September 1st
Dylan Hurwitz, August 1st - August 15th
Craig Drennen, August 1st - August 15th
Jared Deery, August 1st - August 15th
Adam Brent, August 1st - August 15th
Karen Heagle, August 15th - August 22nd
Elizabeth Insogna, August 15th - August 22nd
Jaqueline Cedar, August 15th - August 29th
Melissa Staiger, August 15th - August 29th
Sarah Dineen (Studio Only), August 15th - August 29th
Wendy White, August 29th - September 5th
Polly Shindler, September 5th - September 19th
Will Hutnick, September 5th - September 19th
Julia Rooney, September 5th - September 19th
Whiting Tennis, September 5th - September 19th
Kelli Thompson, September 19th - October 3rd
Debbi Kenote, September 19th - October 3rd
Bradley Biancardi, October 3rd - October 10th
Annie Hémond Hotte, October 3rd - October 10th
Brian Scott Campbell, October 3rd - October 10th
Jen Shepard, October 10th - October 24th
Tina Hejtmanek, October 24th - October 31st
Lisa Warren (Studio Only), October 24th - October 31st
Diana Jensen, October 24th - October 31st