October 19 – November 22, 2006 Reception: Thursday, October 19, 6-8PM
Project Space: PEIK LARSEN with Samina Quraeshi “SELECTIONS FROM ‘LANDSCAPE’”

Sparking play between fiction and reality, Chris Gilmour’s sculptural works invite audiences to draw on memories and emotions associated with familiar objects. Life-size typewriters, bicycles, and guitars, meticulously crafted and detailed, challenge spectators to remain just that: observers. When natural instinct begs interaction with such dynamic items, The typewriter beckons to be put to use, the bicycle to be ridden, the guitar to be played. The result gives credence to Gilmour's reason for choosing such objects for their evocative and conceptual power.

By working with common, recycled items, such as cardboard and cigarette packets, Gilmour concentrates on the medium in its natural state, often preserving the original printing, tape, and labels to capture an essence of authenticity. By using uncomplicated material that audiences understand and use in everyday life, Gilmour again builds on the viewer’s pre-existing associations to create a language that can be comprehended by many.
For Chris Gilmour’s first New York solo exhibition Pussy Galore, Freight + Volume will exhibit a life-size Aston Martin DB8, rendered in cardboard to such precision that even the most insignificant details of the engine are visible. The sculptural model pleads for reaction or interaction, coaxing the audience to hop into the driver's seat and take a spin, a la James Bond’s Pussy Galore. The automobile is presented, stripped of material constraints, as Gilmour’s latest sculptural accomplishment with steering wheel, gears, and tire spokes all in tow. Gilmour also presents, as part of his newest body of work, a series of acoustic and electric guitars as well as miniature churches modeled out of cigarette and condom boxes, again juxtaposing fiction and reality in playful jest.

Chris Gilmour was born in Stockport, Great Britain and lives and works in Udine, Italy. He has had two solo exhibitions at Perugi Artecontemporanea, in Padova, Italy. This month, he won the prestigious Italian prize for young artists, CAIRO. His work has been featured in Artnet Magazine, Flash Art International, and Marie Claire among others. A special 52 page catalogue will be printed for the exhibition.

In the project space Peik Larsen with Samina Quraeshi will exhibition a selection of books, prints, and paintings from their collaborative piece “Landscape”. Peik Larsen's work tells a story about light, relationships and the immediacy of material. His work embraces accidents and false starts revealing an interest in both the physicality of a gesture and the energy it can suggest.

Peik Larsen studied at Middlebury College, San Francisco Art Institute, and the Boston Museum School/ Tufts graduate program. He also shows at the DNA Gallery in Provincetown, and OHT in Boston. He taught printmaking for many years at Harvard University. Samina Quraeshi, the Henry R. Luce Professor in Family and Community at the University of Miami, is an award-winning artist, designer and author. Quraeshi previously served as the Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts.

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