Freight + Volume is dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging and established artists, and in particular work which is innovative and not afraid to take risks. While Freight + Volume is especially interested in narrative and text-based material, ultimately our predominant criteria is the quality of the work itself, regardless of technique, content or style; with the motivation to show dynamic, visceral, and provocative new work in all media and dealing with a range of subject matter. In keeping with the tradition of publishing, with which the gallery was founded, Freight + Volume magazine was launched as an outlet to learn about the artists with whom the gallery works, as well as their friends and influences. The magazine is a medium through which to explore not only the work of our artists, but the creative process and the cult of personality. In addition, Freight + Volume regularly publishes limited-edition artists' books.

Established in 2005 in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan by Nick Lawrence (co-founder and former partner of LFL Gallery in Chelsea, owner/director of Arts+Leisure in Spanish Harlem, and owner/director of DNA Residency in Provincetown, MA), Freight+Volume was formed by combining the text-based, narrative philosophy and limited edition book focus of its two-year predecessor, Volume, with the motivation to show dynamic, visceral, and provocative new work in all media and dealing with a range of subject matter.  In October 2015, the gallery relocated to the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


This modest project space sitting atop Carnegie Hill in Manhattan was established by Nick Lawrence (founder of DNA, LFL, and Freight+Volume) in spring of 2014 as an antidote to the hyper, market-driven systems currently ruling much of NYC and the art world at large. A place to pause and remember that, at the end of the day, art needs to be viewed, contemplated, reflected upon, experienced - and enjoyed. Arts + Leisure is located between 100th and 101st streets, opposite Church of the Life Changers and Ministries of Manhattan and a community garden. We’re a few blocks south of El Museo del Barrio, and Moustache, El Aquila, El Paso restaurants, as well as the Lexington Social Bar; north of Joy Burger, Mt Sinai Hospital, East Harlem Childrens Center and ABV. Stop in, relax and see the show, and check out our growing library of artist books and catalogues. We host twelve projects per year as well as frequent readings, performances and film/video screenings.
For more information please visit artsandleisure.net.
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Freight + Volume is pleased to present its fifth season of the DNA artist-in-residence program for Summer 2016. Twenty artists were invited for residencies on the Cape this season, to create new work inspired by their environment or continued from their existing studio practice, either created at DNA or offsite. They are given an cottage in Provincetown nearby the 2,000 square foot studio. Past participants include: Peter Allen Hoffmann, Kristen Schiele, Black Lake (Susan Jennings + Slink Moss), Daniel Heidkamp, Erik den Breejen, David Baskin, Elizabeth Huey, Aaron Johnson, Rosa Almeida, Russell Tyler, Maria Calandra, Trudy Benson, Nicole Wittenberg, Jessica Wynne, Mi Ju, Ilse Murdock, James Franklin, Danica Phelps, Lance Rautzhan, Rebecca Goyette, Cesare de Credico, Shiva Burgos, Genevieve White, Dirk Skreber, George Jenne, Max Razdow, Laurina Paperina, Chris Bors, JJ Manford, Elisa Soliven, Marysia Schultz, Romer + Romer, Joshua Abelow, Leah Dixon, BROLAB (Ryan Roa, Adam Brent), Travis LeRoy Southworth, Gina Magid, Rachel Fick, Cristina de Miguel, Maggie Ogden, Samuel Jablon, Tina Hejtmanek, and Patrick Keesey. The residency is by invitation only. For more information, please visit wwwDNAgallery.com.

DNA Summer Residency 2016

June 6 - 24 - Naroa Lizar
June 12 - 26 - Adam Brent 
June 23 - July 1 - Robin Kang and Andy Cross
July 1 - July 7 - Jean Paul Gomez and Pablo Lerma 
July 7 -  16 - Becky Brown and Catherine Haggerty 
July 16 - 30 - Peter Garfield and O Zhang
July 30 - August 13 - Tracy Thomason and Emily Kiacz
August 1 - 8 - Yui Kugimiya
August 9 -16 - Peter Schenck
August 13 - 27 - Kristen Schiele and Karl LaRocca
August 20 - 27 - Wendy White
August 23 - September 1 - Ilse Murdoch
August 27 - September 7 - Patrick McDonough and Melanie Black
August 29 - September 5 - Joyce Lee
September 10 - 17 - Rachel Portesi
September 12 - 23 - Jared Deery
September 17 - 24 - Eric Aho
September 24 - October 8 - Melisa Keyes 
September 26 - October 5 - Sam Jablon
October 8 - 15 - Jordan Renzi
October 15 - 30 - Alec Egan 


  • Volta 13 Basel, June 2017
  • Moving Image, March 2017
  • Volta NY, March 2017
  • Art Palm Springs, February 2017
  • Moving Image, March 2016
  • Salon Zurcher, Paris, October 2015
  • Moving Image, Istanbul, September 2015
  • Chicago Expo, September 2015
  • Seattle Art Fair, July 2015
  • Market Art+Design Hamptons, July 2015
  • Art Miami New York, May 2015
  • Moving Image, March 2015
  • UNTITLED Miami (as Arts+Leisure), Dec. 2014
  • Art on Paper, March 2015
  • Miami Project, December 2014
  • artMRKT Hamptons, July 2014
  • NADA New York May 2014
  • Pulse New York, May 2014
  • Zona Maco Mexico, Feb. 2014
  • Pulse Miami, Dec. 2013
  • UNTITLED Miami (as DNA Gallery), Dec. 2013
  • Miami Project, Dec. 2013
  • Texas Contemporary Houston, Oct. 2013
  • Berliner-Liste Berlin, Sept. 2013
  • artMRKT Hamptons, July 2013
  • Pulse New York, May 2013
  • Miami Project, Dec. 2012
  • UNTITLED Miami (as DNA Gallery), Dec. 2012
  • Miami Context, Dec. 2012
  • Pulse Miami, Dec. 2012
  • Pulse New York, May 2012
  • Pulse Miami, Dec. 2011
  • Pulse Los Angeles, Sept. 2011
  • Pulse New York, May 2011
  • ArtForum Berlin, Feb. 2011
  • Pulse Miami, Sept. 2010
  • Pulse New York, May 2010
  • Printed Matter Book Fair, Oct. 2009
  • Pulse New York, May 2009
  • Pulse Miami, Sept. 2009
  • Artforum Berlin, Nov. 2009
  • Pulse New York, Mar. 2008
  • Pulse Miami, Dec. 2007
  • Pulse London, Oct. 2007
  • Pulse Miami, Dec. 2006
  • NY Art Book Fair, Nov. 2006
  • FIAC Paris, Oct. 2006
  • Year 06 London, Oct. 2006
  • Pulse New York, Mar. 2006
  • ArtLA Los Angeles, Jan. 2006
  • Kunst Zurich, Nov. 2005
  • FIAC Paris, Oct. 2005
  • NADA Miami, Dec. 2003

This unique publication focuses on the artists with whom the gallery works, as well as extending outside the periphery to include other artists, curators, critics and gallerists. Primarily interview- and essay-based, the publication also concentrates on artwork images, studio shots and portraits. To browse or purchase our magazines please visit our Publications page.

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