Bel Fullana Featured on Artnet's List of 5 Emerging Artists to Watch Out For

Two very large canvases by the Mallorca-based artist Bel Fullana, born in 1985, provide a visual tonic for a flagging collector. The 2017 winner of the island’s Prize Ciutat de Palma, Fullana paints in a childlike fashion. They recall Rose Wylie’s new work, the 80-something British artist enjoying her moment in the main fair at David Zwirner’s stand. Both are interested in young girls with exhibitionist tendencies. Fullana, who studied in Barcelona, has taught herself to paint and draw using her left and right hands. The ambidextrous artist’s engaging paintings and collages include La novia de Boby (Boby’s girlfriend) (2016), in which a carefree young woman rides what could be a small horse or a large dog under palm trees. Measuring 51 inches tall, the painting is Wylian in scale. The young Spanish artist’s paintings at Sunday are each priced £4,200 ($5,460).

(Courtesy of Artnet)