George Jenne at Moving Image Fair New York


Invidus Vermem One is the first chapter in an ongoing work. The story follows a botanist named Clyde Lugerpot, who dreams of breeding a plant that feels jealousy, in his misguided response to an affair between his adult daughter and his best friend. It is an acute examination of human fallibility and the malleability of narrative form. The piece is designed to stand alone, but ultimately, it is one of three videos that will play synchronously in three separate rooms and fulfill a single narrative.

The single channel video pivots on calculated leaps in time, shifts in perspective and twists of language. The project is rooted in my love for the language of story. For me, a word is best used with tender irreverence toward the sentence that it inhabits. Invidus Vermem wields that irreverence by pitting cinematic imagery and literary language against each other, causing a new picture to manifest. As the story evolves, the language of it’s telling breaks down and is built anew. Invidus Vermem cannibalizes itself, then regurgitates something fresh.