Nicole Wittenberg on Artforum Critic's Picks

"On the black-painted walls of “The Malingers,” Nicole Wittenberg’s debut solo exhibition in New York, thirteen canvases from the 2010 “Interior” series reiterate images of stagelike rooms. Eight paintings depict a palatial bedroom with a curtained oval bed on a stepped platform. Five others show a large, brightly lit room with two incomplete chairs that expectantly face an opening onto another, shadowy space. In the latter works, splotches cover the floor and walls—perhaps representing a decorative pattern on carpet and wallpaper, perhaps some kind of spattered debris. In both series, the images essentially repeat from canvas to canvas, save for minor changes in details, color (in a limited palette consisting almost entirely of black, white, gray, and red), and the way Wittenberg has handled the medium, as if attempting through the repetition to come to grips with a place half remembered from a dream."

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