The occasion is a celebration of Manhattan’s Nightworld/Clubland  between 1975 and 1995. And the specific occasion is that  a slew of seminal books  are being republished as eBooks by Open Road, including books by members of  Warhol  world and The Last Party; Studio 54, Disco and The Culture of the Night by Anthony Haden-Guest.
  The evening’s unrepeatable bill of goods will include performances by:

        Walter Steding    The violinist, a mainstay of  CBGB’s, and a painting assistant
to Andy Warhol.  Who became his producer;

        Cristina   The singer/songwriter, Hit big with Disco Clone,  produced by John Cale, and the tremendous album, Sleep It Off, produced by Don Was. This is her eagerly awaited come-back.

        Glenn O’Brien. On-and-off editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview, co-producer
of Downtown 81, with Jean Michel Basquiat, and The Style Guy for GQ. From 78 to 82 Glenn nested the New York  public access TV show,  TV Party. No epoch is complete without him.

       mediacVlt   An electroniz wia. Whence did he come, whither is he going? Your guess! But certainly onwards.

      Jon Tsoi.  An artist, born in China, will make astonishing work, blindfold. 

      Susan Kirschbaum, novelist and fashion reporter, will give a reading that penetrates the terrivfying realities of being a cute chick at large and a party animal.

     Lorraine Leckie, singer/songwriter of devastating folk noir.
    And … a mystery guest.