Rebecca Goyette-curated film screening "EXTRA TEATS" comes to ART BASEL MIAMI

DATE: Tuesday, December 1st (VIP Night) 
TIME: 7 - 9 pm 
LOCATION: North Beach Bandshell (73rd and Collins Avenue)

Extra Teats: "A Screening of Bad Ass Puritan-Purging Digital Artwork" 
Curated by: Rebecca Goyette 
Featuring Works by: Katie Cercone, Kerry Downey, Dawn Frasch, Faith Holland, Narcissister, Kenya Robinson with a premiere by Rebecca Goyette.

"The Puritanical origins of America started in mass hysteria with the execution of people, primarily women, accused of witchcraft. The early colonists believed that witchy women would seduce men from taverns, luring them into the woods to participate in sorcery and bestial orgies with witches and their animal familiars. If a woman were accused of witchcraft, she could be jailed and examined for extra teats. It was widely believed amongst pilgrims that witches had extra teats, nipples that their devil-possessed animal familiars could suckle.

Brazen expressions of feminist agency persist in this female/queer/gender non-conforming group of video makers. The taboo, personal, sexual and ritualistic acts presented here would surely have earned each of these artists a teat inspection in Puritan times. The common ground we share here as contemporary American artists lies in our use of artifice, costumes and props as "a mark of otherness" that echoes the extra teats for which every paranoid Pilgrim was searching.

I am thrilled to premiere a short version of my new feature-length film “Ghost Bitch: Arise from the Gallows,” with this amazing group of feminist video makers. Each of their works speaks to an aspect of self/picture-making/emotion/poetics/fierceness that I hold dear. These digital artists perform individualized forms of magic, creating veils of protection and intimate ritual toward a fearless “New World” the Puritans could never imagine." - Rebecca Goyette