Samuel Jablon featured in the Daily Collector l 20 Painters Who Are Shaping the New Decade

Samuel Jablon’s confrontational works first appear as brashly poetic sayings. Jablon’s poetry on canvas challenges the structure of language through devices like reversed, overlapping, and interrupted text. The painted qualities of Jablon’s work feel similarly chaotic, a haphazardly beautiful amalgamation of painterly mark making so varied in its forms that it not only reinforces Jablon’s masterful command over the brush but allows the paint and text to bleed together. As such, the artist captures a powerfully holistic approach that exposes the underlying communicative goals of painting. In Burn, the frenetic energy and ominous text, “BURN BABY,” feels particularly poignant as we enter the new decade watching as massive fires devastate Australia.

Samuel Jablon (born 1986 in Binghamton, New York) was recently featured in a two-person exhibition titled Dirty Words alongside Mark Flood curated by Bill Arning at Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami. He has an upcoming solo exhibition at Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art in Houston. Jablon, born in 1986 in Binghamton, NY, lives and works in New York city. Jablon has been included in solo and two person exhibitions at Freight + Volume, Brussels, Miami, and San Francisco; Ballon Rouge Collective, London and Brussels; Reading Room, Dallas; Diane Rosenstein, Los Angeles; Arts & Leisure, New York; and Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York. Group Exhibitions include Queens Museum, Queens, NY; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; New Museum, New York; Life on Mars, New York; The Kitchen, New York; and the Children's Museum of Art, New York among others. Jablon received his MFA in 2013 from Brooklyn College and a BA from Naropa University in 2009.