Samuel Jablon "Unstung" Featured in Wall Street International

What follows is courtesy of Wall Street International. Link to the full article below. 


Freight + Volume is excited to announce Unstung, an exhibition of new paintings by Samuel Jablon. This show marks the artist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, as well as a shift from the glass, mirror, and tile ornamentation that characterized his earlier work to a focus on paint itself as a material.

"As if they were fragments of a lost text, the paintings of Unstung act as a single poem whose careening elements create an engagingly paradoxical climate. In all of these works a sense of foreboding and destruction is balanced, equally, with an optimistic resolve. Jablon's colors work to anchor his written elements—an amalgam of advertising slogans, fragments from overheard conversations, and phrases that linger in the artist’s mind. Ranging from public to personal and conversational in tone, the snatches of text juxtapose individuality and inner thought with group language, creating an impression that is both enigmatic and utterly descriptive of contemporary life."