The Art of the Chart

"Loren Munk makes paintings that look like diagrams. Thus Members of the Artists’ Club (2009-2011) maps the studio addresses of the members of the artists’ club, which in 1952 was located at 39 East 8th Street; Clement Greenberg (large) (2005-2006) charts the artists and institutions associated with that critic, set against a portrait of Greenberg and a timeline of his life; and American Painting: The Eighties (2004-2005) presents the figures associated with Barbara Rose’s ill-fated 1979 exhibition with that title. There is a lot to see here at Freight + Volume.

Just as Marcel Proust adapted the genealogical obsessions of the Duc de Saint-Simon (1675 –1755), creating his marvelous fictional In Search of Lost Time from information not unlike that presented in the latter’s somewhat exhausting memoirs, so Munk has demonstrated that the artful charting of the recent history of our art world can, in his paintings, itself become a considerable work of art."

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