Wall Street International feature Römer + Römer

The marriage between Nina and Torsten Römer prove to be fruitful as exhibited by their long history of working together as collaborative artists. Römer + Römer come to F+V Gallery for their first exhibit in New York entitled, Party-Löwe.

"The title of this exhibition translates to Party-Lion. The work deals with human experience, and in particular focuses on how we as individuals come together as a collective. We shake off the shackles of laws, regulations, rules, oppression, domination, tyranny, totalitarianism, dictatorships and repression. It is up to us to liberate ourselves by throwing a party, celebrating, and having good time. The work celebrates the spirit of the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring. It relishes the space that Burning Man creates, where there are no rules, where people are allowed to do, act and be whatever and whoever they want to be. It is a celebration of the human spirit breaking free from the dullness of the day-to-day, while saying enough is enough to authority and corporate bullies. It is time to party with the ferocity of a lion."

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