Paul Sevigny received his BA in Studio Arts from College of Charleston in 1994. He has since had numerous successful careers in a variety of fields including music, finance and nightlife.


He started to show his paintings again in 2017 with two consecutive shows curated by Bill Powers in NYC and Miami that were followed by a string of group shows, among them an exhibition held by Christie's in New York.


"Paul Sevigny is a night painter like me. When my phone rings at three or four in the morning, I know who it is, and I am always happy to not be up alone. It's a unique luxury to have a real talk about painting in the middle of the night. He reminds me that what we are doing is about being alive.

Paul's creativity pulls from the thickness of the New York ether: the whole past, present, and future of it. He's a multi-dimensional artist and whatever he's working on, it's true. It's for real."

— Josh Smith