Rebecca Goyette studied undergraduate at RISD and received her MFA from SVA in New York. She has shown widely at venues in NYC and elsewhere, including solos at Airplane Gallery, NYC, (Lobsta Porn Theater), Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ, (4-Eva.), the NY Studio Gallery, NYC, (Delicious.) and Galerie X, Istanbul, Turkey (Union/Bulusma.). She has completed residencies at the DNA Summer Residency, Provincetown, MA, the Offshore Project sponsored by Omada Filopappou, in Karamyli, Greece, and Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, NY. Goyette lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Rebecca Goyette: Creating Confrontational Characters and the Art of Lobsta Porn


Sexed & Gendered & Not: Four NYC Artists by Paul D'Agostino

"Rebecca Goyette, in her videos, sculptures and audience-inclusive performances, eschews subtleties and comfort zones altogether in favor of riotously rite-like send-ups of amorous relations in which merely blatant erotica—at times featuring lobsters—becomes the costumed revelry of sexed-up chaotica."

Feminist Protest Disrupts the Whitney Biennial Artist Rebecca Goyette and her Cliterati invade the Whitney Biennial
May 22, 2014

"Envision an art world utopia in which every artist, irrespective of gender or race, is valued for their work!"